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research groups:

Neurogenetics and Epidemiology of Anxiety Disorders

Responsable: Dr. A. Bulbena Vilarrasa
Head office:
Institut d'Atenció Psiquiàtrica: Salut Mental i Toxicomanies
Edifici Hospital del Mar
Passeig Marítim, 25-29
08003 Ciutat Vella
Tel. +34 932483175 / Fax +34 932483445
email: abulbena@acmcb.es
    - Antonio Bulbena Vilarrasa
    - Marta Torrens Mèlich
    - Luis Miguel Martín López
    - Carles García-Ribera Comdor
    - Belén Díaz Múgica
    - Salvador Ros Montalbán
    - Guillem Pailhez Vindual
    - Jaume Fatjó Rios
    - Paula Calvo Soler
Research lines:
- Studies of the welfare resources to marginalized populations and resources in emergency situations.
- Neuroimaging of anxious crisis in schizophrenia.
- Studies of structural and functional neuroimaging in attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder.
- Mental health and pets.

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